UNTF 2010
University of Salford

Wednesday 14th April 2010

Compton Imaging with the PorGamRays Detector

Daniel Judson
University of Liverpool

The Development of the Graphene based Micro optical Ring Electrode: Application as a Photoelectrochemical Sensor for Actinide Detection
James Dickinson
Lancaster University

Depletion Region Dynamics of an AGATA Detector

Steven Moon
University of Liverpool

Radio Nuclide Characterisation of Irradiated Nuclear Graphite
Paul Norman
University of Birmingham

Compton Camera Development for the Imaging of High Energy Gamma Rays

Martin Jones
University of Liverpool

Development of a Portable Pyroelectric X Ray Generator

Ross McCart
University of Bath/Defence Academy

Elemental Composition Analysis using Prompt Gamma Neutron  Activation Analysis (PGNAA)

John McGrath
University of Liverpool

Preliminary Compton Imaging Results of the AGATA C001 Detector

Mike Slee  
University of Liverpool

Production of Layered Double Hydroxides for Anion Capture and Storage

Jonathan Phillips
Imperial College London

Robotic 3D Scanner

Paul Cornish
Lancaster University

Encapsulation of Irradiated Graphite Waste

Bereket Hagos
University of Manchester

Corrosion of Spent Advance Gas Reactor (AGR) Fuel Cladding in Trace Aqueous Electrolyte Environments

Sunny Phuah 
Imperial College London

Materials for Nuclear Waste Immobilization: A Case Study of Fluorapatite and Xenotime

Prashant Selvaratnam
University of Cambridge

Gas Migration Studies using TOUGH2

Elina Kuitunen
University of Manchester

Development of Ceria Thin Films for Surrogate Studies

John O’Neill 
Imperial College London

Thursday 15th April 2010

Effects of Cold Work and Strain Paths on the Mechanical  Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steels

Ismaila Ahmed
University of Manchester

Microstructural Characterisation and Dynamic Young’s Modulus Measurement of UK Nuclear Graphite
William Bodel
University of Manchester

Simulation and Modelling of Non Destructive Testing Methods Utilising Cosmic Ray Muon Flux

Craig Stone
University of Bath/Defence Academy

Ceramic Composites for Fusion Applications

Llion Evans
University of Manchester

Development of an Alternative Approach to the Acquisition of Fracture Toughness in Laboratory Specimens Containing Residual Stress

Robert Hurlston 
University of Manchester

Lüders Bands in RPV Steel
David Johnson
Cranfield University/HMS Sultan

Image Based Microstructural Modelling of Gilsocarbon Graphite
David James 
University of Manchester

Susceptibility and Non Susceptibility of Alloy 600 to Stress  Corrosion Cracking

Fabien Léonard 
University of Manchester

Atomistic Simulation of the Zirconium and Zirconium Hydride Systems

Simon Lumley
Imperial College London/HMS Sultan

Residual Stress Profiles in Oxidized Zirconium Alloys Characterized by Synchroton X Ray Diffraction

Efthymios Polatidis
University of Manchester

Stress Corrosion Cracking of Austenitic Stainless Steels
David Spencer
Defence Academy/Cranfield University

Effect of Specimen Size on the Evolution of Plasticity in Relation to  Ductile Tearing in 304(L) Stainless Steel

Andrew Wasylyk 
University of Manchester

Stress Corrosion Cracking of Austenitic Stainless Steel in Pressurised Water Reactor Primary Circuit Coolant

David Wright
University of Manchester

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure Characterisation of SiC Coatings in Coated Nuclear Fuel Particles

Huixing Zhang
University of Manchester

Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Nuclear Power

Saadia Ansari  
University of Manchester

The Economics of Accelerator Driven Subcritical Reactors and the Impact of Accelerator Reliability Uncertainty

Steven Steer
University of Cambridge

Developing an Integrated Multi Criteria Decision Support Framework for the Sustainability Assessment of Nuclear Power
Lorraine Youds
University of Manchester

Sustainability Indicators for the Assessment of Electricity Generation Options in the UK: PWRs versus Wind Power
Laurence Stamford 
University of Manchester

Microstructural Characterisation of Irradiated Nuclear Graphite using Finite Element Analysis

Temitope Bakenne 
University of Manchester

Finite Element Modelling of Pellet Cladding Interaction in Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor Fuel

Rizgar Mella 
Imperial College London

Simulating Material Property Changes of Irradiated Nuclear Graphite

Lewis Luyken 
University of Manchester

Transmission Electron Microscopy with in situ Ion Irradiation at the University of Salford

Jonathan Hinks
University of Salford

Application of an Independent Parallel Reactions Model on the Annealing Kinetics to Irradiated Graphite Waste

Michael Lasithiotakis 
University of Manchester

Determination of Total Gamma Ray Count of Modelled Plutonium Glove Box via MCNPX

Kelum Gamage 
Lancaster University

Friday 16th April 2010

Developments in RADIANT: Error Measures and Benchmarking
Christopher Baker
Imperial College London/Rolls Royce

Investigation of an Inertial Confinement Fusion Fission Hybrid Reactor
Kiran Mejer
Frazer Nash Consultancy

Application of Large Eddy Methods on Adaptive Unstructured Meshes to PWR Coolant Flow Benchmarking Problems

Jonathan Bull
Imperial College London/University of  Manchester

Actinide Evolution and Equilibrium in Fast Thorium Reactors

David Coates
University of Cambridge

Nodal Methods in Reactor Physics
Sheldon Hall
Imperial College London

Study on the Neutronic Characteristics of Subcritical Reactors Driven by an Accelerated Pulsed Proton Beam

Ali Ahmad
University of Cambridge

RESearch into the Public Perception of Nuclear Design (RESPPOND)

Martin Goodfellow
University of Manchester/Rolls Royce

Assigning Tolerances to J Values used in Safety Analysis

James Kearns
City University London

Introduction to the Nuclear Institute and the Young Generation Network (YGN)

Kate Hawkins
Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network

Nuclear Liaison – The Nuclear Portal for UK Universities

John Roberts
University of Manchester

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses for the Nuclear Industry

Richard Pilkington
University of Salford