Nuclear Educational Networks

ACSEPT - Actinide Recycling by Separation and Transmutation

- Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology

BNEN - Belgian Nuclear Higher Education Network

CHERNE - Co-operation for Higher Education on Radiological and Nuclear Engineering

EERRI - Eastern Europe Research Reactor Initiative

ENEN - European Nuclear Education Network

F-BRIDGE - Basic Research for Innovative Fuel Design for GEN IV systems

IGD-TP - Implementing Geological Disposal Technology Platform

MCNEG - UK Forum for users of Monte Carlo, Neutron, Electron and Gamma Radiation Transport Codes 

MELODI - Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative 

NTEC - Nuclear Technology Education Consortium

RWIN - Radioactive Waste Immobilisation Network

SARNET - Severe Accident Research Network

SNE-TP - Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform

ThorEA - Thorium Energy Amplifier Association

UK Actinide Chemistry Network

UNENE - University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering